The Eclipse and Trump’s Meltdown

Astrologers have been writing about the Great American Eclipse (August 21, 2017) for a few years. The eclipse brings significant cosmic energies that present challenges or opportunities for our nation. Since Donald Trump won the election in November, many Astrologer’s have weighed in on the cosmic influences for our country and the President.

Since Ancient times, the movement of the planets, sun, and moon have been used by Empires and Emperors to illuminate the timing of significant social and political events. Ancient Magi integrated primitive astronomy and astrology. With the age of enlightenment, science rose to prominence and studies of astronomy and astrology were no longer integrated. Astrology was dismissed by many as mere superstition.

In the past century, the science of Quantum Physics has created a bridge across the divide between science and mystery (including astrology and religions). The work of early depth psychologist and scientist, Carl Jung, began the process of integrating psychiatry with some of the archetypes of ancient astrology. Jun also by acknowledged the presence of subtle and sometimes even subconscious cosmic influences or synchronicities between planetary movements and human beings. Although some modern Astrologers still promote their work as predictive, Astrology is descriptive, not predictive. As below so above. As above, so below.

The cosmos is one dynamic living evolving whole. The universe is composed of star dust, and so are human beings. The Sun, Moon, planets, and stars dance in the cosmos, their movements create subtle but powerful energies that radiate throughout the cosmos, affecting the earth and the human beings inhabiting the earth.

For inhabitants of the earth, the Sun and the Moon have always represented the two primary life forces or the essential lights of life. Even prehistoric humans understood the importance of movements of the Sun and the Moon. An eclipse temporarily blocks the light from our view.

Because of the power and influence of the Sun and Moon on the masses of human beings, it is understandable that leaders and rulers (with power over masses of people) seem to be more affected by eclipse seasons. The Sun represents the rulers, and the Moon represents the common people. With a solar eclipse, the Moon (common people) blocks out the light or power of the Sun (ruler).

Since the path of totality crosses the United States from Oregon to South Carolina, The Great American Eclipse will affect the relationship between the leaders and people of the United States. Perhaps we can blame cosmic forces (at least in part) that we are experiencing Trump as our President at this particular moment in time — call it cosmic synchronicity. The planets and stars are aligned, and Trump’s astrological DNA is interacting with the cosmos synchronically. As above, so below. As below, so above.

Here is one astrologer’s interpretation of Donald Trump’s astrological DNA.

Here are a few highlights from Trump’s natal chart that might help you recognize the synchronicities:

Mars in Leo on his Ascendent. Trump is completely dominated by his macho male ego. With Mars in Leo ruling his life, his ego is always in charge. It also explains his aggressive sexual drives and his lack of impulse control.

Sun in Gemini conjunct Uranus. This combination explains his short attention span, lack of intellectual depth, black and white thinking, and need to communicate (including talking and tweeting himself into all kinds of trouble). The Sun/Uranus combination suggests Trump is a powerful reformer. As with all astrological influences, this power can be used for beneficial or destructive purposes. People with Uranus/Sun also tend to stick stubbornly to their own ideas.

Neptune Square Mercury. A person with this aspect in their natal chart tends to have an overactive imagination that can interfere with rational, logical thought processes. With Neptune Square Mercury a person may construct their own private version of reality and truth.

The cosmic synchronicities get even more interesting when we consider the timing of the Great American Eclipse and how the planets are currently interacting with Trump. Again, here are just a few interesting synchronicities:

The eclipse is occurring in the sign of Leo, close to Trump’s Ascendant and his Mars.

Donald Trump was born during a lunar eclipse, making him more susceptible to the power of an eclipse.

The planet Uranus is a key player in the cosmic energies of the Great American eclipse, and Uranus will be interacting (in a Trine) with Trump’s Mars, giving him a boost of disruptive revolutionary energy. The energy of Uranus has already been at play with Trump (for about six months), and it will continue to affect him for another year.

The Great American Eclipse (August 21, 2017) is the first eclipse since 1776 whose path falls exclusively in the U.S.

The United States also has a natal chart, and the one used most frequently uses the date of the signing of the Declaration of Independence (7/4/1776). The Great American Eclipse will form aspects with our nation’s Moon suggesting great cosmic energies for the common people, especially women, and a focus on matters of the common good.

These astrological signs can not tell us what will happen, as already stated, astrology is not predictive, it is descriptive. These energies are present, and all of the players (Trump, the nation, the common people) will play a part in the unfolding of events over the next several months.

That said, there is a high degree of danger and the potential for significant chaos associated with this Eclipse and our President.

The energy of an eclipse is not limited to the short time frame of an eclipse. Eclipses are cyclical, they trigger ripples, and the full affect may not be recognizable for months.

This eclipse is part of a Saros cycle that repeats every 18.5 years. Here is a list of the possible ways that previous eclipses in this cycle may affect our nation:
1998/9 — Bill Clinton impeachment, Dec 98 to Feb 99.
1981 — Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in March.
1963 — Assassination of JFK in November.
1945 –August: Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs dropped. The death of FDR (by natural causes) in April. [Source:]

If I am not making a prediction, you might ask why would I bother to share this information with you. Becoming conscious of cosmic energies and the synchronicity between movements of the sun, moon, planets, and stars and our lives on earth can be a way to raise our consciousness.

For me, understanding evolutionary astrology and archetypal cosmology help me to understand the interconnected nature of the universe, and how my reactions and actions although as small as a speck of stardust, still affect the universe.

As the planets dance all around us, we also dance with their energies here on earth. If I know the patterns of the cosmic dance, then I am more able to intentionally manifest higher energies contributing to the universal common good.

My hope is that by writing this brief article, you will be more conscious of the cosmic energies and potential affect of the Great American Eclipse.